Hair Mineral Analysis – Nutrition test to check your body balance by analysis of minerals. Shows heavy metal toxicity and deficiency of nutrients.

Visit SiteHair Mineral Analysis - Nutrition test to check your body balance by analysis of minerals. Shows heavy metal toxicity and deficiency of nutrients.If you have unexplained health questions, hair mineral analysis could show you the answers. It is a simple test anyone can do in the comfort of their home, available world-wide through this site.

Which means that it is an invaluable source of information on your health. In most cases your hair reflects the quantity of nutrient and toxic minerals in your tissues. Analysis of this information provides a wealth of knowledge on how efficiently your body is working, its nutritional status, and certain "poisonous" substances (such as lead, mercury, aluminium, mercury) that could be at the root of your ill-health.

No blood is required. Hair Mineral Analysis is a safe, non-invasive, pain-free, test that anyone can perform themselves, in the comfort of their own home, unlike blood tests which must be administered by professionals. Another disadvantage of the blood test is that it will only give information about your mineral levels at the time the test is taken. For instance, if you've just eaten a banana, a blood test may indicate a high potassium level, even though you actually need a potassium supplement. Likewise, urine tests measure what is being excreted from your body, which is not necessarily what has been absorbed as fuel.

Hair analysis reflects your body's storage of minerals over a period of time, not what you ate that day, or even that week.

Have a hair mineral analysis test (cost £55) and gain valuable knowledge about your body's mineral levels. You will find more information and full instructions on using the test when you buy my ebook, the cost of which will be set against your test. Alternatively, you can order a test kit without the book. See below for details.

There is far more I can tell about hair analysis and how it can bring fresh insight into your health problems. To receive an ebook giving you:

Should you decide later to send a hair sample for HMA testing, the price of one book will be offset against the cost of the test, leaving just £50 for you to pay.

When you use the Google Checkout button on the left hand side, Google's procedures (not mine) require a manual delivery of the ebook. I am based in the UK, working on UK time (GMT or BST). Delivery will normally happen within 24hrs of me receiving the Google payment authorisation, however there will be a delay if I am on holiday.

For instant online delivery you can buy the Hair Analysis eBook via ClickBank's secure online servers. However, the price you actually pay will vary slightly depending on international currency fluctuations. If you will be paying for the balance of your test in Sterling, please feel free to send me a copy of your Clickbank proof of payment and adjust the balance you send with your hair sample so that you do not pay more than the quoted overall price (£55 sterling). Sorry for the inconvenience!

If you live in the UK and would rather not order online, order your test kit only, (no eBook is supplied), by sending a £5 sterling cheque or postal order made payable to “Nutrition 4 All” to:

Hair Mineral Analysis should not be used as a substitute for diagnosis by a qualified medical practitioner, but if conventional medical investigations have failed to find a reason, or suggest a treatment for your problem, HMA represents an invaluable and cost effective next step. Read more...

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